Join EQ and exhibit with over 100 global organizations your time and money.

    In the solutions village EQ will bring people together to engage, connect, learn, network, sell, dance and go home equipped to take action.

    EQ will bring over 100 innovative businesses into the village to showcase solutions that are creating a sustainable and more prosperous way of life.

    Partners, vendors, and attendees can experience the impact village’s many offerings from shopping eco-forward products, to micro-music programs, art walks, VR, AR, and an innovative food & beverage program


    Our solution areas are simple: how do we eat, make, move and live sustainably?

    These 4 areas are broken down into 16 sectors, presenting key opportunities for growth. We have built a global business network, aligned with our 16 sectors allowing for everyone to support, build, network and collaborate with others who believe that doing business for good, is actually good business.

    EQ Network Support : JOIN OUR NETWORK

    The EQ Network brings together over 100 businesses working to scale sales through business to business networks and engage directly with the consumers that will be on site. Being a part of the EQ Network allows access to our partnership business programs. Join the EQ Network and connect with like-minded partners.

    EQ Thought Leadership : SPEAK AT AN EQ EXPERIENCE

    As a partner of EQ we will give you access to the partners Network, give you the opportunity to speak throughout the year at EQ events. You will also be able to host your own business leadership program where you can use the EQ network to support your own initiatives.


    EQ has worked hard to build bridges across all 16 business sectors that we believe together can shift global consumer behavior and build a global community of solutionists who want to exist differently with the planet. Whether you want to find top talent for your business, meet with global and local policy makers influencing your industry or find supporting business services like advertising, marketing, and funding or simply find your peers and competitors, we have the stage, lounge and bespoke event that will suit your needs.

    EQ Business to Business : BUSINESS TO BUSINESS SALES

    We have identified over $5 trillion of business opportunities across EQ’s Areas and Sectors. We only allow those into the Network that we believe can help the network foster and grow. We do believe that business for good, is good business so being in the Network allows you to maximize your lead generation with like minded businesses.



    The EQ team has created, designed, produced and delivered leading advertising, marketing, media and experiential once in a lifetime live experiences around the world for over 20 years.

    Partnership Support : One to one exhibit design and deliver support

    Once you become an EQ partner, our team will be on hand to help craft your experience with planet home. With some of the global leaders in VR, AR, experience design, multimedia, content creation, digital media, marketing and distribution EQ will maximize your time and investment.

    Partnership Services: Consultation, create and Design support

    Once signed up, your partnership managers will be on hand to help you leverage our world class team to:

    1. Craft your Digital & Marketing integration to maximize your reach
    2. Deliver crafted design services that will maximize your on-site experience
    3. Support and/or build your on site activation
    4. Support and/or program for speakers, music, content creator programs
    5. Support and/or produce a media package that you can use for marketing
    6. Support and distribute your media

    Digital & Marketing

    • Branded content creation
    • Web/Mobile Design and Development
    • Content Capture
    • Social Media Distribution
    • Audience Data & Targeting
    • Branded Influencer Marketing

    On-Site Experiential Services

    • Experiential Strategy & Planning
    • Experiential Design & Build
    • Onsite Branding & Creative Services
    • Talent Partnerships and Curation
    • Retail & On site Payment Services
    • Customer Experiential Data Tracking and Survey Systems

    Prepare for Planet Home:


    Our world class team of partnership directors, producers and event managers  will be on hand to help build your on site customer experience. EQ has some of the brightest minds on hand to support you through your time with us.

    Arriving at Planet Home:


    Once you arrive at Planet Home, our Network support team will make it easy for you to build, display, promote and market your products, leaving you more time to engage in the EQ speaker, business and customer networks. We make it easy for you to meet with potential new customers, attend bespoke events, speak on panels and attend specialty programs to learn, engage, sell, network and enjoy this amazing experience.

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