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    EQ gathers people of diverse backgrounds to connect, create and celebrate world-changing ideas that address how we Live, Eat, Make and Move. Through our invite-only events, we curate some of the best and brightest minds to help solve our world’s greatest environmental challenges.



    Join the largest growing community of environmental solutionists and get invited to our groundbreaking experiences.

    Path 1327

    EQ is building solutionism through our invitational community events, actionable environmental programs supported by the brightest solutionists on the planet.


    • Surround the problem with diversity and we can find an abundance of new solutions.
    • Environmental solutions are a shared experience, we all live on the same planet.
    • Accept the current situation of our world and move toward solutions.
    • Globalize. The planet needs everyone.
    • Business for good, is good business.
    Path 1327
    Join us. Think, Create, Find, Adopt, and Amplify global environmental solutions.

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    EQ has simplified the process of how we can get involved with solving global environmental challenges. We can all get involved, from a simple change of how we EAT, to how we MOVE, to how we MAKE to how we LIVE with the planet.

    Our community of global solutionists come from many sectors and backgrounds, from Culture Creators, Technologists, Economists, Environmentalists to Political Change Makers.